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Medication Management

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Medication Management

People with epilepsy are often treated solely with medications called anti epileptic drugs (AED’s).

There are numerous approved AED’s as well as experimental medications available. The medical management of people with epilepsy involves finding the most suitable medications to optimize daily life by controlling seizures.

Medications do not cure Epilepsy
The goal of the physician is to work with you to maximize the beneficial effects of AED’s and minimize any potential negative side effects.

Deciding the most appropriate AED treatment depends on the type of epilepsy diagnosed. Medications are selected based on this information so it is vital an accurate diagnosis is established in order to successfully manage seizures.

Determining an accurate diagnosis requires careful and expert interpretation of EEG findings along with details of the types of seizures experienced.

Often people with epilepsy will need to take more than one AED to control their seizures. Regular visits to a physician are required for blood analysis and evalaution of medication effectiveness.

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